About Us
"We believe that when small businesses and
entrepreneurs succeed, society wins."

Lee Heycock, Founder of Nirius Networks

The Power to Transform

Nirius Networks was created with one simple aim: to provide a system that transforms businesses and organisations.

In 2002 our founder, Lee Heycock, resigned from Ernst & Young in London to embark on a hugely ambitious project to create an incredibly powerful software platform that would transform and improve the lives of entrepreneurs, business owners, and those that depend upon them. 

His passion to help entrepreneurs and small businesses succeed drove the creation of not only a phenomenally powerful and easy-to-use system, but one that is easily affordable for small businesses and entrepreneurs.  It helps our clients to grow and flourish.

Lee Heycock (left) and the Rt. Hon. Ed Vazey, Minister of State for Culture (right)
on the panel at an innovation competition for school-children
Empowering Small Businesses & Entrepreneurs

The first release version of the Nirius Platform was launched in 2007, and since then it has been empowering businesses and organisations to out-compete their rivals.

Today large companies are investing millions and even billions of pounds in technology designed to dominate the markets in which they operate, and crush their local and national competitors.

For this reason, the need for small businesses to take advantage of our incredible technology is greater that ever.  We enable them to become more efficient at running their business, growing their business, and finding new customers.

By providing small businesses with our affordable, powerful technology, we transform the lives of the owners of the businesses, and also the lives of the communities where those businesses operate.

Lee Heycock learning about one of the
younger contestant's projects

What We Believe In

We believe that a vibrant, competitive economy where small businesses can not just survive, but thrive, is vital to society.

We believe that capitalism is just a tool, and like all tools can be used for both good and evil.

We believe that "bad capitalism", as demonstrated by some large, exploitative corporations, is not just wrong and immoral, but that it is also unsustainable, will lead to social upheaval, and is therefore both shortsighted and unintelligent.

We believe that if our technology can help small businesses out-compete rivals by helping them punch above their weight, they will thrive.

We believe that if our customers thrive, those they come into contact with (like their local economies and communities) will also thrive.

We believe that we will change the world for the better.

“Our technology has helped to transform the businesses and lives of some truly talented and decent people. 

Our challenge is to do the same for as many  entrepreneurs and business owners as possible, and to increase the positive impact we have on the world.”