You are the engine room of the economy
Our technology is designed to help you focus on what you do best
and make your business leaner and more competitive.

Quote. Sell. Repeat.
What could be simpler?

Invoicing &
Credit Control.
Designed to speed up payment,
and protect your business.

Purchase Order
Making sure you get what you pay for!

Work & Production Management.
From raw material to dispatched and invoiced,
we've got it covered.

Send Quotes, Orders
& Invoices by Email

Send documents at the click of a button.
Clients have saved more money in postage than the
platform costs - from the very first month!

Real-Time Stock Management.
Tightly integrated, to improve your cash-flow and profitablility.

Email Like No Other.
We hated email, so we built an amazing system just for us.
And then we shared it with our customers.

Smart Email Marketing.*
We're getting ready to help you to unleash the power of your data with full GDPR compliance!

*Scheduled for Q4 2018

Direct Debit Collections.
Why should only the big companies get the advantages?

*a separate account with our Direct Debit provider is required

Amazing, Beautiful Websites
(just like this one)

& Account Management
Portal for Your Customers.
Why do the work when your customers want to self-serve?
With us, everyone's a winner.

Credit Card Processing.
Take payments online, over the phone, or on the move.

*a separate account with our card processing provider is required

Integrated, Seamless Accounting.
A fully integrated accounting system takes care of business
(your accountant can even have a login if you let them).

CRM (Customer Relationship Management).
From who they are, to what they buy. 
We give you profitable insight.

Document Management.
All of your documents exactly where you need them.
Fully integrated with the email functions.
It's a bit brilliant.

Internal Instant Messaging for Your Employees.
Its your data.  Keep it that way.
A simple, private system that you control
on both mobile and desktop devices.

Team To-Do Lists.
Manage everyones work more efficiently.

Shared Calendars.
Calendars.  That you can share. :-)
...and lots more.