Client Testimonial

Walsall Karate Dojo

We have been around for a number of years and built up a good reputation in the local area and within the larger karate fraternity.  We had a website that had become very dated and was not representative of what we had created within the dojo and our classes. The website was also very time consuming and difficult to update. On top of this our website was not very compatible with modern mobile devices so it was time to upgrade.

Having gone through numerous sales pitches with web developers, none of which seemed to fill me with confidence with no-one really understanding what I was looking for I approached Lee at Nirius for solution ideas.

From Day One I felt Lee was really working in the interest of our Karate Dojo and got exactly what I wanted to achieve. The attention to detail in the design and content was second to none and the whole project was delivered on-time. The result has been superb and we have seen a large increase in student leads from the site as well as a pride from within our current student base to be associated with it and promote it to friends. I honestly believe we are leading the way now for Karate club sites with what we have all thanks to Nirius.

The success of the website has given us 100% confidence in developing the ‘back-end’ of the dojo management with Nirius. We have recently launched attendance tracking which will allow us to reduce administration on a daily and weekly basis allowing more time for the important stuff – Karate! The great thing is that we can access it from anywhere, phone or computer. It's so easy to use. Over the years I have invested in two similar attendance management systems off the shelf from so called industry experts and never got going with either due to them being so poor and reverting back to spreadsheets and paper. Having used the Nirius solution for a couple of months now, it’s a world away from these systems.

Our next step is full membership management which is about to launch and we are looking forward to this.

If you are a gym or martial arts school owner I would fully recommend Nirius.

Steve Carless
Walsall Karate Dojo